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THENCE serves educators, providers, schools and institutions of care and health 
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We pledge to offer only transparent pricing, no hidden costs. Monthly,  semester-based, or annual  invoicing.

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On demand training. Custom content, mentor matching  and LIVE coaching



Micro lessons  

To meet PD requirements educators must complete 30+ hours of extracurricular training.   That's time spent  outside  the classroom.  Schools love our unique ecosystem which  allows teachers  to crush 15+ hours of core PD training in just  three minutes a day. How?  Our interactive evidence-based, tested, and teacher approved video multi-media. 

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Live coaching


 safe space

gives educators


to practice

 applied skills, pedagogy and  knowledge in 

coaching cohorts or one on one

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Micro lessons  

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Live coaching

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do for your 



School Belonging & Wellness

Evidence-based methods that measure school climate and build true community

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Social Emotional Learning 

Teaching SEL is hard. We offer support  backed by behavioral science

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Diversity, equity and inclusion

That inspires, growth, and broadens horizons

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Title IX training

That is researched, relevant,  and real in its application and scope

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The Plan

  • Access to Marketplace Class2Coaching  & Mentorship Training

  • A digital planner's Calendar with micro-lessons  in SEL, DEI, Wellness , Health, Thriving,  Title IX and AI tools for customization

  •  Micro lessons module Builder 

  •  Starting at $99/month* 

The Architect 

  • Everything in Plan 
  • A dedicated school training platform with modules opened at biweekly or monthly pace
  • Marketplace Mentor Matching support
  • Starting at $399/month*

The Architect +

  • UPGRADABLE to Architect PLUS with Training Site custom domain,  school branding, & custom push notifications 
  • Starting at $499/month*

The Build 

  • A dedicated Learning Management System to administer multiple semester-long courses, 60+ learners credits  & certification
  •  University lecturer for every course 
  • Starting at $899/month*

The Build +

  • UPGRADABLE to Builder PLUS  custom courses and certification concierge 
  • Starting at $1199/month*


"THENCE helps people and groups expand how they educate their communities by incorporating their own wisdom, gifts and talents into training, co-learning, equity and health advocacy activities."

Andrea Patterson, actor, activist, educator


Dr. Katherine Schlatter

THENCE Founder and  CEO/CTO

Andrea Patterson 

THENCE Founder and CCO

Founder at Art of Living Collective

Ashley Causey-Golden  

 THENCE Partner

Founder at Afrocentric Montessori

Vanessa Farrell

THENCE Partner & Peer Reviewer

Founder of VI Health & Wellness Coaching

Zeinab Mzungu

Instructional Designer & Learning Tech Development



UX Designer /Media & Marketing

Innocensia Kambewe

Health Equity Writer & Researcher

Abigail Otatade

American Sign Language Interpreter


Lai Jing Tse

Illustrator & Animator

Victor Turych

DevOpps Team Manager 

Darell Hunt

Peer Reviewer and Middle School Educator

Myroslava Prokopiuk

Graphics and Motion Designer

Helina Seyoum

Writer and Accessibility & Communication Subject Matter Expert 

Ian Gibbs-Hall

Stem Educator & DEI Subject Matter Expert