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Our new Trauma informed strengths -based  training for all educators and school staff comes packaged with our  narrative non-fiction graphic novel,  a memoir, which can  also be experienced as an audio book,  or a minimal movement  animation with subtitles. The book is accompanied with a Trauma informed guide bundle and supplemental material. For group trainings get in touch with us below. 

The curricula includes this books and five other titles, with discussion prompts, real classroom scenarios and quizzes  on psychological and behavioral concepts and processes for becoming a proponent of the trauma informed strength-based classroom. Also an option is joining mentored study groups, or individually asynchronous  curricula that paces every learner to train at their best speed. The choice is in the hands of  the school or district, and the end user.  Order the book Displaced Goshways's Journey to get access to a sample of our guides and  free material. ✨Scan below to access all places where this book is sold.


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What is it about?

Goshway, a mischievous five year old jumps from roof tops, chases family pets and defies rapid streams by linking arms with his friends. His life growing up in the Chittagong Hill Tracts is filled with delightful childhood adventures. But Goshway’s world changes forever when his village is attacked and burnt to the ground. He flees to safety, and a life of displacement begins. His only goal is now narrowly focused on survival. With his schooling interrupted his parents struggle to protect and educate their children, especially when their sons are lured closer to taking up arms against land grabbing settlers. What happens next is worth the journey...

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Order the book  Displaced Goshways's Journey  to buy the book and ALSO get access to a sample of our guides and materials free with every purchase✨Scan below to access all places where this book is sold.

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