When is there time for PD?
Dr. Katherine M. Schlatter

Where do we go from here was the question I often found myself asking during the first wave of Covid lockdowns in New York City. I was home with three kids, one a baby, and juggling work both domestic and professional just as everyone I knew was. Indeed it was a very intense time. I write about all of that in another blog Why THENCEFORTH? But now fast forward three years to the present, and the question I am often faced with is: "When is there time for that?"

I talk to school leaders a lot. Suffice to say, their teachers are already feeling very stretched, and have low desire for trainings. Aside from compulsory Title IX trainings, it may have also been a long time since the last professional development offerings were well attended in some schools. Unsurprisingly, the return to in-person teaching and a shortage of teachers means that oftentimes PD needs go unfulfilled because in the grand scheme of things, there seems to be little time, despite a widely acknowledged need for more professional trainings around teaching social emotional learning, adopting the pedagogy to support school belonging, and making headway with diversity equity and inclusion practices. 

We address this at THENCE with our range of educator readiness tools to help educators and staff get back on track and welcome professional development. 

Our interactive digital assets dubbed REAL Reels are compelling and entertaining, but perhaps the most appreciated attribute is the micro-dosage format. Educators can get back to setting out PD goals using our push notifications, and may train for as little as 5 minutes on a daily basis, yet still experience transformational learning, meet goals for readiness, strive for competency and mastery outcomes. Because our trainings meet national skill-building standards, are peer reviewed by certified subject matter experts, checked for accessibility, fidelity to learning objectives, efficacy and community support we go beyond school leaders' expectations.

How to access our REAL Reels and more

Learn how to gain access to our instantly deployable REAL Reels content libraries. We offer three levels of institutional subscription options here, with the possibility of customizing the user interface, and dashboard and notifications. If you and your administration are unsure about which option is the best match for your community, we offer you our full consultation.

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