What is THENCE Architect?

Schools, and educators in learning communities are key influencers in children's lives. But are all professional members of a learning community fulfilling their potential?  Skilling up on different areas of pedagogy,  practice and knowledge are the components for quality professional development (PD), and school preparedness for dealing with pervasive challenges, crises, and community development. 

Sometimes, however, PD learning goals and their anticipated outcomes are set aside.  This happens when budgets are already stretched, quality trainers can't be found, and staff are reluctant to participate. Our packaged THENCE Architect bundle brings content AND infrastructure to school professional development so that school communities can be confident that PD and training goals are attainable, and accomplished without hesitancy, delays, or the typical "check-the-box" boredom. Never before has such key content and learning architecture been available to schools at this price point.

THENCE  promotes four core areas of learning through our Architect platform. These areas include staff readiness for social emotional learning/teaching,  staff wellness and safety (Title IX),  diversity equity and inclusion training, and key practical training for improving school belonging.

How do my staff members train?

Architect content is pushed to staff in a text, or a cell-phone notification. When clicked on, participants get a 2-3 minutes interactive video. We call these our Real Reels, and they come loaded with interactive questions that combine the best cognitive science with gamified self assessment. Each working day offers a micro-teaching opportunity (a single Real Reel) from one of our modules. 

How do we do that?  Our Architect platform facilitates enrollment, protects privacy,  enables the delivery and monitors the usage of Real Reels and related materials while giving institutional users a custom view of their learning module. 

How does the learning start?

The learning modules are introduced with "teasers",  much like an enjoyable  movie trailer, so that staff participants know what to expect and get curious about the narratives and learning ahead. Our push notifications ensure that staff engage with the interactive media, complete assessments and keep up with their daily PD. 

How does THENCE Architecture work?

Our institutional school subscribers get a  password protected login and provide a list of selected "architects".  These participants then receive access to internal PD modules,  a daily schedule of Real Reels, and what to anticipate. These modules are seasonally appropriate and feature a timed release, so as not to overwhelmed . Our Architect platforms can be fully customized to reflect a school's aesthetic and specific needs.

Other services can be added as needed.  This includes  the tracking of learner progress, and the development of  specific, local content as well as peer review services.  


Need more information for your school, or school district? Interested in participating in a pre- academic year trial of THENCE Architect? There are limited number of spots available. Apply now or register your interest below.

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