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School Head Lice Outbreaks and Community Solutions

Head Lice infestations in children's hair start with the beginning of the school year and peaks around Halloween. Sound scary? No need to panic! Student head lice infestations are not a medical emergency! However, some skills are needed to deal with the delicate issues of head lice removal and cases may reoccur for weeks causing great frustration. Things can also get heated if families get upset, and kids get blamed or teased, or worse: stigmatized. Reoccuring headlice can lead to missed school, less productive classrooms and insomnia due to itchiness  or anxiety. This ten part course covers a lot of ground. Who benefits? School nurses, teachers, families or students taking technical courses about hair. Counter stress, anxiety, insomnia and  reoccurrence by  properly handling  head lice as well as the social and emotional responses to  head checks.

Building Inquiry-based professional development groups in Schools

We begin with a review of school-based professional development research, and how it can boost and amplify teacher teams looking to overcome common challenges and obstacles common in the K-elementary classroom. Solution making is honed through our core content available to schools with a THENCE subscription. Inquiry-based working groups meet at a recurring scheduled biweekly or monthly interval and are guided by a coach who assigns material, guides cordial discussions, and encourages metacognition on the individual level as the requisite work for inquiry-based PD. For more information and to speak to a coach please the contact form with details about this course and content deployment.

Mentored Teacher-Led Professional Development

Evidence supports the introduction of teacher-led professional development as a means of completing PD hours, encouraging passion and growth mindsets. What is teacher-led PD and how is it achievable in your school? We provide a moderated pilot peer group learning module in which teachers choose a passion project to pursue as a means to completing state or district mandated professional development hours. We mentor teachers and help them choose, curate and complete a project from our menu or a suggested topics, or one that they suggest and meets state PD requirements. CONTACT us to find out more or schedule a demo of Teacher-led PD Mentored Module.